Thursday, July 13, 2006

Marina is a sweater design by Alice Starmore. This fall I'll be joining an online KAL (knit along) for making this sweater. I'll be using the Workbasket version and the original colors. In online discussions, some thought the colors were very muted. I think the opposite and think they are a bit bright for this woman who likes mostly blues and greens. Photos show the yarns for the ribbing and then all the yarns. These are all the original colors except for one of the purple heathers. I had a Jamieson yarn called Bramble that was too close not to use up. Trying hard not to start it early as I'm still working and enjoying the Shirt Tail Hemmed Fair Isle.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Remaking a quilt can be fun - especially if you still have the original fabrics. "Paramount Stars" a pattern designed by Mary K. Ryan of VT is a beautiful quilt. I made the 96" square quilt for my brother and sister in law for their wedding present 15 years ago. It has been on their bed ever since and is just about worn out. The colors are faded so it is hard to see the colors or pattern. It's been washed so much it is fragile and torn in places with batting coming out in others. It is actually so good to know something I made has been loved and used so much. SIL asked if I could repair the quilt. After discussions with local friend quilters the decision is basically no way. However - I loved the fabrics used in it obviously since I still have some! My sewing room is bright but gets no direct sun and the fabrics are sorted in large light proof tubs. The colors are bright and look new. I've already remade the center star and working on the first feathered border. I won't be making the whole quilt again but a laptop size. My hand quilting days are gone, so this will be machine quilted and hopefully good for another 15 years. Photos show old faded quilt and new center pieced but not quilted yet.