Sunday, June 13, 2010

Still having fun knitting away on Jeri Riggs'  "St. Margaret" design.  Body is done from neck down to two chart repeats below armholes. First sleeve is 35 rows down. It fits beautifully which is one of the reasons I like top down raglan sweaters so much.

EDITED: Several people wrote and asked where Jeri Rigg's designs can be found. Here is her information:
Her blog is at :

Her designs are on Ravlery at
If you don't belong to Ravelry you have to as a knitter - go to

On a recent RV ramble through NH and VT, I sort of convinced Joe to wander down into MA to WEBS, a huge yarn warehouse. There is a "Grandpa's Attic" area of orphan yarns, not enough to sell in the catalog or on the floor anymore. This place is amazing and I'm glad it is four hours away. I did pick up some Nashua superwash worsted in a deep purple. It will probably be used this fall in a Starmore KAL top down.

Gardening continues with lots of recent rain so the weeds are happy. We'd just come into the sunroom for a rest and Joe said "Oh look at the moose!". I went, yeah sure until I went to the window. She was HUGE and just sauntered around the yard a bit before disappearing into the woods on the other side of the road. Sure would hate to come face to face with her in the dark.