Saturday, April 22, 2006

Back to working on the Shirt Tail Hemmed sweater from Sweaters From Camp. It is so pleasurable to see this sweater grow. It is VERY slow since I've been unable to memorize this long a pattern. I've done three repeats now as well as finished off the hem. I'm very pleased with the colors and how they are playing against each other. It was curling so badly I took a wet washcloth, laid it over the hem and steamed it with a pretty hot steam iron. Didn't felt or mat the yarn and now it lays flat and is so much easier to work on. I still alternate the SFC and the FLAK since I could memorize that chart.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Terri asked what I don't like about the Spring Forward cardigan front. Please understand I think Janet's design sense is awe inspiring and she is helping so many new knitters make very complicated sweaters. However, for my personal taste there is too much moss stitch on the front near the button bands. I decided to add cables to this area which was a bit tricky on where to start the cable as you are increasing stitches for the V neck. As you can see from the photo (hard to see), I chose to start the cable AFTER the increases were done over where the cable was going. Now that I've done it, I'm not happy with it because it looks like what it is - just stuck in there!!! Do you think that is why Janet didn't add cables to the front? (smile) I think I'm going to frog and try to start a little cleaner and add the two twist cable on each side of the rope. This is all after FLAK is finished and SFC is a bit further along. The SFC is going to be a long, long knit and I don't mind having another project and switch between the two.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

SFC Knit along continues. I get 4-6 rows a night done lately. I figure when we take off on our first RV trip it will be the only knitting project to go for the ride- enforced finishing! Took the RV to mother in laws Wednesday, picked up salads and had lunch on Kennebunkport Beach. The photo is of the truck by the jetty leading to Kennebunkport's tiny harbor, open Atlantic ocean in the background. I LOVE Maine.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sweater photo is the neck of FLAK with the large neck, decreased down to good size for me. I KNEW it was too big - sigh... but worked around it. Sleeves are down to ribbing on one and two inches to ribbing on the other. The neck is tighter than it looks when the body is pulled around correctly.

Truck is our new toy, used F350 pickup with a Lance 1121 truck camper body. Having mom in the assisted living center just increased the urge to travel before we can't! I don't want to be in a health care home myself regretting not seeing the places in the USA I've always longed to see. Besides there are cubby holes for knit and quilt projects all over the truck.