Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sweater is progressing well. I'd knit an entire neck ribbing, running the cables up into the rib. It looked okay but was a bit confusing with all the cable bulk below. Decided to go simpler and make just a rolled ribbing. MUCH better (or at least I think so). First sleeve is well under way after adding 2" width to the body.

Gorgeous fall weather here in Maine. Leaves are the prettiest they have been in years and we'll go out for a ride today. Fall garden cleanup is well underway with many of the day lilies and hostae cut back and mulched. Torn leg muscle is hindering long work sessions but a little at a time and it will get done - eventually.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Knitting is coming along on another FLAK style sweater. If any of you who read this blog do not have Janet Szabo’s directions for this way of knitting top down, you have to. Go to and look in the patterns section.

All the work from previous blog posts was ripped out. Saddles were too narrow and short and the cable layout just wasn't working. The layout is now double moss side, one K1B stitch, a simple 4 stitch braid, Barbara Walker's "Dancing Ribbon", half of Annie Maloney's cable #62, all of her cable #115, other half of #62 mirrored, mirror of Dancing Ribbon, mirror of braid, moss. The saddle is Annie's #31. I'm so much happier with it now and have worked a lot on it this past week. Twelve more rows to go to have front and back even and a start to the first sleeve. Hopefully I'll get the sleeve picked up before the drive back to Maine.

This is for my sister as a Christmas present. I wanted it to be a suprise but didn’t have her FLAK measurements. Since I’ve been spending time with her in Virginia this week, broke down, showed her the sweater and got her exact measurements. Fingers crossed it will be done to use as a gift but it is really flying along.