Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The winter hat made with left over VY yarns from the Oregon sweater is done. This is a hat not a tam so the top of the hat is not made to lie flat. Seeing me in a tam is a hysterical sight. I made one once and promptly reverted to hats. Besides, tams don't stay on in snow storms!

The bottom of the hat is the corrugated ribbing and six of the leaves from the Oregon charts, knit in the original chart colors. The top is an adaptation of the trees. I lightened up the colors at the top using more of the golder yarns.

This was my Ravelympics project so the team has one hash mark on our score board. I've now gone back to knitting on Fulmar which will never be finished by end of Olympics but at least some work is getting done on it. My hands sure can tell when working on US#2 needles and gansey yarn. They ached this morning or is that just from the month of rain we have had - and are still having!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Need to take a photo of the winter cap made with the left over yarns from Oregon Autumn. It was my Ravelympics project and knit in about a third of the time I thought it would take. So to keep going with the Starmore theme of Team Starmore Junkies, I hauled out Fulmar. This is such a beautiful design. Don't regret changing it from a bottom up in pieces sweater to a top down knit as one piece via Janet Szabo's FLAK method. However it is a long, long knit as it is in Wendy Guernsey on US#2 needles.

Last night I picked up all the stitches across the front, back and under both arms, putting them all on a 40" circular needle. There are 488 stitches and it is slow going. Only knit three rows last night but at least it is underway again. headed for the goal line of the waist ribbing. No time limit on this one as it is for me - for a change!