Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Where did the summer go? At last in Maine there is sun, heat and lots and lots of weeds. We missed the five weeks of rain since we were on a RV trip out west. Love living here and seeing all the season changes. We are back from working with the siblings at cleaning out mom's condo, readying it for sale. 32 big bags of beautiful clothing in extra petite size went to the church clothes closet for use by women's shelters, women just starting work and whoever else can use them. Over 30 bags went to a church readying their biannual yard sale. We certainly were thankful that mom's goods would be put to good use.

While cleaning closets and drawers, I gathered up all the sweaters I'd made her through the years. She wore some constantly so they must have been liked. The white aran doesn't look like it was ever worn. Should have fit her as it was a 34" - maybe too big but it was too small for anyone else in the family. I brought it home to recreate it in a larger size.

Here's what I found - all donated to church except the white aran.

This is mostly in a salmon with highlights of pink and white. She must have liked it as the cuffs were almost worn out.

Wonder how much she wore this Lopi? VA winters aren't that cold.

This one was almost worn out, had a lot of small wear holes. I can remember her wearing this like a jacket.

Love this old Candide pattern but it had little wear as it must have been hot even as she got older and was always cold.

Finished the first sleeve of Lismore last night and plan on picking up the second sleeve tonight. Our Knit-A-Long for Henry VIII starts mid September. I really want to be done with Lismore before then. Note to self - do NOT START ANYTHING ELSE.