Wednesday, May 23, 2007

3 Needle bind off is done on Erin but not without a few rips and reknits. The photo shows the shoulder seam and how the Chart C does not line up.

The front and back are not reverse images so no way they would ever meet up. I decided to do a few rows of Chart B at the shoulder. It is such a simple pattern it lines up. Kept dropping stitches during the 3 needle bind off which is why there are still safety pins on two stitches to go back and pick up - again. Neck stitches are picked up and ready to go for the neck ribbing.

The closeup photo shows how even the edge is when you crochet the steek. It takes a long time to do the crochet but, to me, it is worth it. The steek will be folded under when the edge stitch is picked up to be knit for the buttonhole band.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Erin is a joyous knit, it just flies along. Started this sweater on April 5th, just over a month ago. I'm 6 rows away from the neck shaping and thoroughly enjoying this sweater.

The fabric is so smooth. Perhaps this is due to the number of rows that go by without color changes. Most of the other Fair Isles I've knit changed color about every third row; this one can go 6-8 rows before change. Or perhaps it is smooth because I've finally gotten two handed, two color knitting so it is second nature. As always, this pattern of Alice Starmore's is so well written there is no doubt on the next step. My row gauge is a bit long but that is okay since the body of the sweater as designed would have been too short for how I like to wear my sweaters. If you see black spots on the sweater it is probably just Miss Boots, The Cat's hair. She also likes this sweater and, if allowed, will burrow into the body opening. Bad cat Boots, bad cat.
Spring is here in Maine at last. It was summer actually today with 83 degree temps, blooming forsythia, jonquils and the grass was finally long enough to cut. Wonder how much knitting I'll get done tonight while watching American Idol? Hands hurt as we washed all the second floor windows inside and out, put on the screens, took everything out of the garage, cleaned the garage and put it all back in - and weed whacked two of the long stone walls and cut the grass. I seem genetically incapable of sitting quietly without my hands doing something. I'll try to knit slow.
Check for our RV travels. Hopefully we will find some more of those tiny tucked away yarn stores that are so much fun to explore.