Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So what knitting to work on? Looking at all the projects on leads to being fractured on what comes next. Too much to try for new techniques and fibers. Make a shawl? scarf? sweater? cable or stranded? socks? Too many riches to chose from.

I've packed a box of Jamieson & Smith yarns, needles for that gauge and the book "Knitted Tams" by Mary Rowe to carry in the camper this summer. Figured with 40 colors and graph paper could have endless possibilites for hats and/or tams for Christmas gifts.

The shape of this sweater fascinates me along with the construction of raglan shoulders winged out from the body. It is "Ridgeway #304" by Cabin Fever.

Because I seem incapable of leaving any pattern alone, I'm adding a cable up the front and back and will wing it out into the raglan. The cable is from Melissa Leapman's book "Continuous Cables".

As always it's only knitting and can all be ripped out and reused.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh my! This bag sort of fell into my car today. Unfortunately Ewe & ME, one of our best local yarn stores is closing this week. I went up to say goodbye to the friends I'd made there. Since so few local folk use Jamieson & Smith two ply jumper weight the owner offered me the balance of the stock at a price there was no way I could pass up. Guess I'd better get busy and plan a few projects. Wouldn't this make beautiful Tams for Christmas?

Canyonville is done! It took just under two months and has a bazillion twisted travelling stitches in it.

One of the Ravelry members Katri63 had made this Alice Starmore dropped shoulder sweater into a raglan. Great inspiration and quite easy to figure out for stitch count thanks to the Sweater Wizard software.

Now to go through the projects in progress to pick one to finish. Also I'm "allowing" myself to start something new and it just might be my first lace project.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

I'm up to the neck, halfway through the front neck decreases headed to the finish. It feels as though the raglan is going to be too long but I'm going to have faith in Sweater Wizard's math and keep going. If it is too long or the neck to tight, I can always rip back to the start of the neck decreases. Still like the design and the yarn.

We took a fast trip over to NH for a RV truck camper repair but mostly an excuse to just get on the road. We stopped in Derry, NH at Yarn & Fiber, one of the best knit stores I've ever been in. The entire back wall of the shop is floor to head height in bins of Cascade 220. They must have every color there is. Forced myself not to buy anything as the home stash is just too large.

No idea what is next on the list. Too many projects swirling around to decide on one or two yet. I'm not happy with the color son the Oversize Panel fair isle - just too pink. I'll look at it again when Canyonville is finished.