Friday, April 23, 2010

Just back from a camping trip down to VA and NC. Rather than continue with the Ridgeway pullover, I started Alice Starmore's Bodega Bay. The Ridgeway as I was reworking it, just didn't work.

The idea was to use a cable up the center in place of the basketweave and then to run the cable over into the shoulders as they were formed. The cable I used is just way too big and heavy and didn't flow. I'll eventually rip out the Cascade 220 since I like the color and will reuse it. Still like the Ridgeway pattern and one day will knit it as designed - probably why I liked it in the first place!

Bodega Bay is a structured cable sweater with fairly simple cables. I'm knitting it bottom up in Halcyon Yarns Victorian 2 ply which is a DK weight. this must might end up being the camper sweater as the cables are quite repetitive and no need to refer to the charts constantly.

Annie Maloney has just published a new book "Aran Lace". I'm eagerly awaiting my copy and may just throw everything else aside and try knitting lace within cables.