Monday, February 06, 2006

The steeks are cut!! The steeks are cut!! Meg's directions were superior and this went so much easier than the only other steek I had cut. Course those directions were Meg's also so maybe not having my heart in my mouth this time made it easier.

Once it was cut open it looked huge but it isn't really, worked out to just the size I wanted since for a change I didn't have gauge problems. J&S yarn on size 3mm works perfectly to 32 stitches to 4".

Now to take a deep breath and pick up the stitches for the ribbings. By going to four LYSs I've collected all the colors for the Shirt Tailed Hemmed cardigan. Well all except one color I'm not sure of but will ask on the SFC talk site. Do I dare try something that difficult? Gulp!

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morgan said...

it looks fantastic!!