Monday, September 04, 2006

(First photo is with the corrected color - Jamieson #598 Mulberry)
Economy doesn't always pay off. Thought I could use a Jamieson "Bramble" in place of the J&S "Crowberry" in Marina. Cold rainy day yesterday so happily spent time starting the ribbing. By end of day I was up to start of the body of the sweater. Not a happy camper with Bramble as it is too light in contrast to the other darks it is near. Friend Shirley said Crowberry is more a grape color and of the same color value as the Indigo and Dark Green surrounding it. So..... ribbit, ribbit back to the Bramble. Might just ladder down to the Bramble for about 8 stitches and try knitting it in to see if I like it better. Won't matter since the Bramble has to come out anyway. I found some Jamieson Mulberry Color 598 which I'll preview. It's much closer in value. If it doesn't work, might try the only LYS with J&S nearby to see if there is a dark grapey color. I think it would be easier to color design your own entire sweater than to substitute one or two colors into a Starmore.

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Terri said...

You started Marina!! I'm glad I have company!! Sorry you are off to a slow start but in the long run you will be happy you Tinked back.