Thursday, February 01, 2007

Two partial sleeves of the Dale of Norway "Hemsdale" pattern are shown side by side. The one on the right is the first one where I did not increase in pattern but put a two stitch solid color up the back of the sleeve and increased on both sides of it. Sleeve on the left is increasing in pattern. Very apparent that the patterns don't match at the increases but I'm pretty sure I can fix it with duplicate stitch or at least fill in enough to be acceptable. I'm also thinking of duplicate stitching the sleeve on the right since ripping it out just seems like such a waste. Learn something new every time I pick up knitting needles and this sweater is teaching me patience! There is also an increased appreciation of the patterns written by Janet Szabo, Beth Brown-Reinsel, Meg Swansen, Ann Feitelson and the Starmores and the intricate meeting of patterns at edges.

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junie said...

A lovely transition from the neck through the strap. Perfect execution of those complex patterns. KUDO's.

(Of course, it helps that you knit so darned beautifully).

Absolutely lovely job. (the sound of clapping in the background).