Wednesday, July 18, 2007

We are up in Prince Edward Island, Canada on an RV trip and guess what I found today. A WOOLEN MILL!!! I just about fainted when I saw MacAusland's Woolen Mills by the side of the road. Screeching halt in the camper and out I popped to go see what was there. It is a working mill with women tending the yarn as it moves from fleece to yarn spun out on big fat cones. The thinner one ply is used for weaving blankets. The 2 and 3 ply is sold as knitting yarn mostly. I had SWORN that I would not come back from Canada ever again with yarn. Hey nobody but me heard that promise right?

I did manage to get out of the mill with only one sweater worth of yarn - but the info pack with samples was put in with the yarn. I bought 2 ply in a heathered teal. The weight is going to be perfect for an Aran. It is a heavier 2 ply but the knitted samples showed stitches beautifully.

I've been working on a sock while we are RVing and am pleased so far. Using Encore DK and size 4 Britanny wooden sock needles. Won a book on Ebay called "The Sock Calendar - Socks for All Seasons" by Catherine Wingate. I'm making the May sock which is called Ahoy! Socks. Nice cabling and the DK weight is perfect for size.

MacCausland information is
MacAusland's Woolen Mills Ltd.
Bloomfield, PEI
COB 1EO Canada
Toll Free: 1-877-859-3005
web site -
email -

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Charm said...

PEI is beautiful. I can imagine how surprised you were to find the woolen mill! I've never heard of this manufacturer. How does the yarn feel?

Sue in CT said...

Congratulations upon stumbling across a woolen mill. What luck!
Depending on your route from PEI, you could also try to find the Briggs and Little Mill in York Mills, New Brunswick. I've never been there but I have some of their yarn and like it alot. Their web site is and their street address is 3500 Route 635 York Mills, NB.
Your knitting is magnificent.

AnneB said...

The MacAusland is a pretty standard 2 ply worsted weight, not scratchy but definately not "plush".

I'm VERY familiar with Briggs and Little Yarn. That mill was visited last year and haven't used it up yet. I like their Regal weight a lot.

mehitabel said...

Interesting! Now I'm doubly sorry I won't be getting to PEI this fall. My mother's maiden name was McCasland so I'm betting that there is a connection there!
Not that I need any more wool, but that sure looks nice!

PeteKerwien said...

Read in one of your posts you are thinking about Washington State? We live on Camano Island in the upper northwest and you are welcome to visit between May and October. Lots of room next to our TC. This year is out, we are driving to Maine to see the fall colors. But next year is fine.
Pete and Mitzi

Knitman said...

I am so envious-both for the road trip and for the woollen mill! I would screeched to a halt outside it too!