Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The test swatch for Fulmar is done, washed and measured. Did you notice it is red, not blue? I have so many sweaters in blue and none in red so switched to crimson Wendy Guernsey five ply using a 2.75mm Inox circular. For the test, I knit 18 stitches in check rib, 18 stitches in Chart B, 20 stitches in Chart C, 18 stitches in Chart D (reverse of B) and 16 stitches in Chart E for a total of 90 stitches. The swatch after washing is 10".

The check rib measured 2-1/2"
Chart B is 1-3/4"
Chart C is 2"
Chart D is 1-3/4"
Chart E is 2"
Amazingly enough it adds up to 10".

Note in the photo below that the ribbing does flow into the body of the sweater. In order to make it work, I did NOT increase between the ribbing and the body. As I'm "hippy", having the ribbing and the body the same number of stitches doesn't bother me at all

The knitting sequence on the sweater goes Check rib, B,C,D,E,B,C,D,E,B,C,D,Check rib. Using the measurements I got for each chart,the sweater front (or back) would measure 25-1/2" or 51" total. I'm knitting the small which is supposed to measure 45" and I'll be getting 51". The only way to control this would be to cut way back on number of stitches in the check rib.

So I'm pretty set for the Knit Along starting on October 1st. I've wanted to make this sweater for a long time and thanks to Theresa, the KAL list mom, I'm going to make it.


Laritza said...

The width I have is 26" on the ribbing. So I am 1" above. That's ok I think I am just going to leave it as is. And yes, I agree, I do not want the cables not to match from the ribbing to the body. Alas no increases.

Knitterary said...

That looks great, the way the cables line up. I might have to follow your lead on skipping those increases.


carolyn said...

Ooooh! I love it in red, although your swatch in dark blue looks nice too. Great cables! I'm still at the "thinking" about it phase, but better get with it soon...

junie said...

I love the red Anne. It will be terrific on you. I love the cables. They just pop. Wow, how much yarn does Fulmar take? I am so lazy, I need to look it up. I have that 2500 yards of Seafoam I bought for Beadwork. Maybe I'll have to join you gals. I have a bad case of startitis.

I feel like doing something bright though.I love have some really bright fuschia Rowan DK and some Zara in a paprika color. I think I will do something in cables with those.

The gansey yarn just kills my hands but it is so wonderful to wear. I love Flying Geese, since it is finished that is. It doesn't pill, nor wrinkle. Amazing yarn. Probably moth proof VS bullet proof too.


Sheila said...

I love the red swatch. I can't wait to see more pictures.

miyamojo said...

Oh! No increase is genius! I'm going to do that too! I don't like too much checker on the sides anyways. I just joined the KAL and need to get yarn. Keep the good ideas coming! m :)

June said...

this is simply gorgeous, Anne!