Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Well that taught me a lesson. Do NOT take a sweater like Fulmar on a camping trip. Knitting without paying strict attention (like knitting with a headlight) just doesn't work. Tonight I was so close to putting the back on a thread and picking up one of the fronts. Last check of the cables. I'm usually so good about double checking over/under/over/under on the cables like Chart C. Thought I had been checking but there EIGHT rows back is a wrong cross right in the middle of the cable.

Laddered back but all 20 stitches have to be laddered and it is not going to knit back correctly. I decided to just go ahead and pull the whole eight rows. I'd already laddered back on the first Cable B to fix a bad cross and that one looked sorta okay but not great.

Moral of the story??? Every time you do a cable cross, double check to be sure it is going the right way. Not every 3-4 rows but every row. Laddering just doesn't work well when the gauge is so tight. least there is no deadline on this one. The small white ring marks another cross that is incorrect but it is NOT going to be corrected. If ever I'll try the method of cutting the thread, reknitting the tiny cross and sewing it.


Susan said...

It's a stunning sweater. I would have ripped back, too.

What gauge is it? It sure does look tight.

Laritza said...


junie said...

I didn't realize what a complex pattern Fulmar really is. Incredible cabling sequences. I think frogging the rows is the way to go. In the long run, probably faster than spending a week trying to re weave that cable and then not having it look 'quite' right.

It is a huge 'ouch.' The color is terrific Anne. That is going to be a stunning pullover.

Panhandle Jane said...

It's good to know that I'm not alone. I'm going to have to do the same thing on my FLAK sweater. I just knit an entire sock to avoid the inevitsable frogging.

Your sweater is beautiful.