Thursday, March 06, 2008

This is the swatch I'm working on for my first self put together Aran. The cables are from Annie Maloney's "The Cable Knitting Handbook". This is the test knit for two of the cables. The far right cable will be repeated on the left of the next three cables which are hour glasses and not finished yet. Doing a wide swatch gives you the true stitches per inch in your cable so that you can plan the width of the sweater properly. I'm experimenting with different ways to fill in the arms of the right hand cable which looks like an X at the moment but is really a diamond. Lots of possibilities! The yarn is Briggs & Little "Regal" and is being knit on US#5.

We are discussing Annie's work on the Ravelry group "Annie Maloney & Friends".
Come join us if you are a Ravelry member. If not - join!!! It is an amazing wealth of information for knitters.


Anonymous said...

Great design, Anne! Those "honeycomb" hour glasses are very attractive - I don't think I've seen them before. What about trinity stitch to fill in the arms on the RH cable? It's used in Duxbury Point and brings some nice texture to an otherwise flat section. I don't know if it would fight with the honeycomb hour glasses but might be worth a try.

junie said...

Very nice Anne. Very nice design. I like the ribbing that twists upward to the honeycomb.

I have to figure how to participate more in that group. Very interesting.

Knitman said...

ooohhh! Now that is very handsome. Looking forward to seeing it grow and complete.

Carrie K said...

Oh wow, I love those cables! And I thought I'd ordered that book already. Guess not. [skips off to do so.]