Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Have I been knitting a lot lately? NO! and I miss it greatly. We've been busy with mother care, a camping trip and the start of yard cleanup after a heavy winter. Thankfully we did the major cleanup in the fall so this is just leaf pickup and mulching.

I did recently purchase the book "A Fine Fleece" by Lisa Lloyd and it is a must have book. Two chapters give information on the different breeds of sheep, their characteristics and how to use their fleece for hand spun yarn. I'm not a spinner but I learned a lot about how yarn works. The rest of the book is a superb collection of cable sweaters, hats and socks. There isn't one that I wouldn't make. I think this book is going to be a classic.

Several projects on the needles:

Test knitting a scarf for color pooling as Annie Maloney shows on the "Annie Maloney & Friends" Ravelry group. Interesting technique but glad I'm using an inexpensive Paton's variegated wool for a test since you have to cut each row so the colors will line up. I'd hesitate to use a really expensive yarn until the technique was down pat.

Oregon in the original kit from Virtual yarns is going well. I'm 2/3 done with the first sleeve, body is done of course. Still in love with the colors and the feel of the fabric.

"Airy Aran" is high on my list for continuing. I need to watch the chart for this one so cannot take it camping.

I've also started Starmore's "St. Brigid" in Cottage Craft 2 ply worsted weight in Fundy Fog color, a light lavender. This one is pretty easy so might make the transition to the RV.

There are other works in canvas bags stuck here and there all over my craft room. I fondle them occasionally. Got to get over my start-itis.


Panhandle Jane said...

Oregon and St. Bridgid are both absolutely beautiful!

carolyn said...

They are both looking great!
You have made a lot of progress on Oregon and I love the color of your St. Brigid.

Knitman said...

On my. What can I say> excellent colour choices, imo. Love the FI and I know the aran will look great too.

Sheila said...

I'd love to see your test scarf. And your cables are great.

junie said...

Oregon is beautiful Anne. Just lovely. I am so pleased that you are pleased.
Hey, I have a ton of Fundy Fog too. I love the color.I thought to use it for a St Brigid wrap - or Maidenhair wrap. I thought it would be too heavy for a sweater in Coos Bay, OR, but it was very cold here this last winter. I drug out every warm sweater I had. Maybe I should change my mind and do a sweater.

Sounds like you two are having fun...even if it is still cold on Cape Cod. Enjoy my friend-for me too.


Terry & Jonesy said...

Your Oregon is stunning...
I, too, have some Cottage Craft Fundy Fog in the stash - been pondering some colorwork with it as I have several other colors too. Must. Finish. Other. Projects.
Terry - SailingKnitter

SYLVIE said...

I really like the color you've chosen for your St. Brigid, it shows the cables nicely. The color on the Oregon is pretty too.