Thursday, July 31, 2008

So what to do when we aren't out seeing North America? Why work around the house and gardens of course. As we get older they both seem to get bigger and need more care. We had the man who built our house come back and insulate and sheetrock the garage to hopefully help with heating the room above the garage. Since it is a garage the sheetrock had to be fire rock which is quite heavy. Didn't think we would do well up on ladders hanging fire rock so just hired it out. We're doing the taping and painting and it is about half done. Using left over paint cause it is a garage right!

When we aren't working on the garage we spend some time weeding and just enjoying the gardens. This year they are just gorgeous due to the abundant rain and high temps. Veggies didn't do as well so they got ripped up but the perennials are great.

Getting really itchy to go truck camping again. Enough with the paint and weeds!

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junieann said...

Dear Anne,

Your Oregon is lovely. I really like the crew neck you did. If I had made it myself, I would have done neck exactly like you did. And I am so relieved to hear that you have a lot of yarn left over. I hoped than would be the case, but with a kit, you never know. I did buy it when it first came out - before others experienced shortages in their kits. Rebecca's B
s Christmas Eve story of running out of yarn as she struggled to finish her Oregon will haunt me forever.

Fantastic job on the sweater and you do have a lovely home and yard. Gorgeous. I can't wait to see you model the Oregon.