Tuesday, April 07, 2009

You know how sometime you just need a really easy project? I've always kept a list of projects to do one day and ran through the list looking. In Knitter's Magazine #57, Winter 1999, there is a cabled sweater called "Dressed Alike Cables" by Traci Bunkers. Sweater is sized for both kids and moms.

This is an easy set in sleeve pullover with big flat cables to the armhole and then an easy V gansey type pattern at the top. I went through every one of [mzannieknits](person) books, all the other design books and the web looking for something a little more interesting for the cable. As designed it was an eight stitch cable
crossed every ten rows. I've substituted "Double Twisted Cable" from "The Harmony Guide - 440 More Knitting Stitches" as it had a bit more interest. the double twisted is over 8 stitches, 22 rows and has triple crosses with 13 flat rows in between. I'll be able to knit this one without looking at cable charts - just what is needed for knitting around the fire at nights.

I'm using some of the [Cottage Craft](yarn) in Copper. Swatch looked good for fabric feel and I got the gauge I wanted. I'll convert it to knitting in the round up to the armholes - unless I decide to further change the pattern and knit it as a raglan top down. Can't leave anything alone can I? At least I can attribute the idea to the author.

Also working on a more complicated project called "He'mo Leanan Kilt Hose" by Anne Carroll Gilmour. My sock knowledge is low but since my cable skills are high, this is a great learning project. The cuff is made first and the sock is knit down from the cuff. Here is Joe modeling what is knit to date. These hose will go with us camping this summer but will need some attention paid to the charts. These are being made for Uncle Wayne to wear while he is pipeing in the bag pipe marching band. Hope they don't turn out too hot to wear


Sigrun said...

i am so impressed by the kilt hose. Have never seen a pattern up close. Your modifications to the cabled gansey-type sweater are very smart also, both in terms of style and in terms of intelligent.

~Lynn~ said...

You are truely amazing knitter! I wish I could knit like you do. I am always impressed when I visit your blog.
The cable sweater is one of my favorites. I love to knit the fisherman knits most of all.
Hope you have a great summer in your RV and get tons of knitting done.

junieann said...

You never cease to amaze me with all that you are able to knit in such a short time. Wow you Lismore looks great as does everything you do. I love the socks Anne.

I still have the Cottage Craft. Perhaps it is time to use it. It always impresses me. Love the color. Is that a new one? Can't see how I missed that one.