Friday, July 24, 2009

Rain again. The day lilies are blooming and are gorgeous. All the perennials did well this year with the extra water. We however are rusting. Went to Portland today and finally got off of I-295 and took back roads as the crazy drivers weren't slowing down for the heavy rain. There are times I miss the ammenities of a city but don't want to live in one again. Today I watched the three red fox pups wrestling in the field across our road. Don't see that in a city!

Lismore is coming along well. Picked up 3 out of 4 sleeve edge stitches and am about four inches down. I have this love/hate thing with sleeves so really have to force myself to finish them.

Miss Boots the Cat was happy today as I've got piles of quilt fabric all over the work room floor. I want to make a quilt for the camper before fall (HA!). Have the dinette cushion from the camper in the house to guide in color choices. I think it will end up being a cream/white/beige/tan scrap background and a simple 9 patch block with batiks. "Combing through the Scraps" by Karen Combs is a good inspiration and a way to use up some of the fabric in this house.


Maureen in Fargo said...

Lismore is looking great, I love your colors!

I'm at Knitting Camp and will be showing my Erin today for Show'n'Tell. I've been working on Rona in the classroom and everyone is falling in love with the colors, she's a fun knit and its always satisfying to see others appreciate the beauty of Fair Isle!

Anonymous said...

I love your colors too, Anne. You're inspiring me to drag out stash and look for something to use for Lismore. Which yarn are you using?

Sheila said...

Anne, your sweater is gorgeous. You knit such beautiful color work.

Rebecca said...

Love the colors in Lismore! YAY for your Henry VII box arriving. If the postman only knew the value of that box he would have definitely made you sign so that he wouldn't have a half-crazed woman chasing him down..LOL