Monday, October 19, 2009

Why have I named the newest cable/aran sweater on the needles "MidCoast Maine Cardigan"? Because the DH landed in MidCoast Hospital for 13 days with a leg infection called cellulitis. Nasty stuff but he is home, recovering and pretty tired of resting with his leg up most of the day. I started this sweater while sitting with him every day for most of the day and early evening. Took a basic old Candide cardigan bottom up pattern and laid out many of Annie Maloney's beautiful cables until I had a design I liked.

Above is a photo of the front of the sweater. The cables read from the front opening going from the middle to the left as Cable Knitting Handbook (CKH) Cable #13, 4 stitch rope, CKH Cable #89, 4 stitch rope, 6 stitch rope, CKH #13, 6 sttich rope, moss stitch.

Above is a photo of the back of the sweater. The cables read right to left as CKH #13, 6 stitch rope, Knitters Guide to Stitch Design (KGSD) Cable #117, 6 stitch rope, 4 stitch rope, CKH #89, 4 stitch rope, 6 stitch rope, KGSD #117, 6 stitch rope, CKH #13.

There are various purl spaces here and there not listed but that's the basic layout of the sweater. It's being knit in Lion Brand Fishermen's wool in off white. The wool is four ply and a light worsted being knit on US#4 circulars. I'll knit circular up to the armholes and then divide for fronts and back. Probably will pick up armhole stitches and knit the sleeves down as I always get a better fit this way. Original plan was to make the buttonholes inside of the CKH #13 as I knit but that didn't work out. I might just add a small buttonband when done. Also toying with adding a saddle in a different cable to run down the center of the sleeve.

Annie's cables are amazing, so much so that I created a Ravelry group for her. If you are on Ravelry ( come join us on "Annie Maloney & Friends". Lots of hard core cable and lace knitters hang out there.

Her books can be found here:


Susan said...

Stunning as always, Anne! How do you like knitting with Fisherman's Wool? It is easily found here at Michaels but I've never knit with it.

You know I'd HAVE to dye it first! Or knit one of the browns.

AnneB said...

Fisherman's Wool is an inexpensive four ply wool that occasionally will have a tiny tied knot in one of the plys. Skein band says to knit it on US#8 needles which would make it look open like lace. I'm on a US#4 and could have used a #3. I have it in brown also (smile)

laughingmuse said...

Wow, just wow. (I know I say that about a lot of your work.) Those cables are luscious!

I hope your DH makes a full recovery soon.

Sonya said...

Anne, I hope your husband is on the mend. His sweater is going to be amazing! I love to look through Annie's cables book. So many unique cables!

carolyninalaska said...

Glad to hear your DH is doing better. This is looking great and will be so practical too!