Saturday, May 29, 2010

I'm privileged to be test knitting Jeri Rigg's new design "St. Margaret". This is an innovative way of knitting from the top down, with raglan sleeves and incorporating a lot of cables. The sweater grows out of the initial back neck and can become a pullover or cardigan.

This is a view of the full sweater to Row 51.

Currently I'm 6 rows away from deciding on cardigan or pullover and probably will keep it a cardigan. Jeri has written this pattern for a finished size 38" chest, using DK weight yarn. I need the sweater larger so am using Briggs & Little Regal, a full bodied worsted weight on a US #8 circular.

Jeri and I have been writing back and forth with a few corrections, suggestions and thoughts on making the design clearer. Her charting is impeccable and easily followed. Lots of fun and the first test knit
I've ever done.

Here's a closer view of the work. It's really exciting to see what comes next and how it will grow below the armholes.


Debra in NC said...

Wow, that is sure a gorgeous piece of work! Can't wait to see this one finished. :^)

Lola said...

Wow . . . that's a really neat design! I'm going to have to get the pattern when it's completed. Do let us know when it is available.

Anonymous said...

Stunning! looks like a fun pattern to try. I'll look forward to seeing the finished pattern.