Saturday, July 10, 2010

Temperatures hitting 88-95F are not exactly friendly to knitting worsted weight. St. Margaret is in hiatus until the temps drop a bit. The first sleeve is done and the second was down to the wrist ribbing. Had to rip that back as the decreases weren't matching the other sleeeve and my notes were poor. Note to self "make better notes"! This is first sleeve done.

On a recent short RV trip up to New Brunswick, we camped at Cobscook Bay State Park. Knitting at Cobscook Bay State Park beside the ocean, breezy and not horribly hot was great.

We also camped in St. Andrews and visited Cottage Craft yarns to fill in colors on the one ply for stranded work.

Right to left

#24 St Croix Navy

#30 Horizon Blue

#21 Blue spruce

#9 Meadow Green

#8 Forest Brown

Right to left

#16 Stone

#7 Yellow Birch

#18 Goldenrod Yellow

#25 Scarlet

I'll be knitting along with BlueDragon (Helen) on her Ingvold Aran KAL which is happening until we start a KAL out of the reprint of Alice Starmore's "Aran Knitting" this fall. I've taken her charts and using a simple hat to check the gauge. I'm using US#4 needles and Halycon Victorian sport in a forest green.
Hat Swatch - right side

Charts - right to left

Five Strand Braid, Flat rope, Little Waving cable, Railroad Tracks,

Hat swatch middle

Charts - right to left

Railroad, Ingvold Back Braid, Railroad

Hat swatch left

Charts - right to left

Five strand braid, Seeded double cable

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Pru said...

Can't wait to see how St. Margaret turns out, it looks beautiful so far. I'm jealous of your trip to St. Andrews-by-the-Sea, one of my favorite places ... and one of my favorite stores right there on the quay!