Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I like Meg Swansen's designs and have made quite a few. This is "Russian Prime" from "Knitting". My sister liked it so much, I made a red/white one for her Christmas 2005 present. The fiber in this is Peruvian wool from


Rebekkah said...

I love your Russian Prime! I recently got a book of mitten patterns that are all based on traditional Russian patterns like that, and am thinking of designing a similar sweater in fingering or sport weight wool later this year.

AnneB said...

rk - I think this was the hardest sweater technically I've ever knit. Not following the blue/white pattern but the first steek, first pick up to go down the sleeves matching the body pattern. It was a challenge and I learned a lot. Her sweaters are designed very well.

Anne - watching it snow.