Wednesday, January 04, 2006

We live in mid-Maine, snow belt right now and use a lot of wool and fleece to stay warm especially this year with oil prices higher. My fiber collection goes back about 30 years but is never enough for the current project. Fortunately there are quite a few very good LYS (local yarn stores) nearby and they know me well. Of course, as a quilter also, there are fabric stores that know me also. Since we have both recently retired, there is finally time to use some of this collection.

I'm very excited to be taking part in the Fair Isle knit from "Sweaters from Camp" by Meg Swansen. Most of my knitting has been complicated Aran knits mostly from Alice Starmore's patterns or very old Spinnerin patterns. I've made a few Norwegian ski sweaters but never an all over Fair Isle. Today I went to Halcycon Yarn in Bath, Maine and got a copy of the book. I think there is a bit of study coming up!

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