Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Neck Steek is started!!! The Shirt Tail Hemmed Fair Isle from "Sweaters from Camp" by Meg Swansen is finally done up to the neck. I've started the steek and the decreasing for the neck. I have learned so much making this sweater. It is a long knit, over 82,000 stitches plus the ribbing so far. If we ever think of sweaters as how many stitches there are, we would probably never make one!
I start short rows for the first time in 12 more rows. I'm really glad the online knit groups exist since there is always someone, somewhere who has done short rows before and are willing to help. Cloudy, rainy day today so might even make it up to the short rows. Weeding is done for the day and housework doesn't interest me as usual so knit on.


DeeAnn said...

It looks fabulous Anne! Congratulations on the milestone, it's so exciting to transition from each phase :)

Terri said...

Anne, Keep up the good work you're almost there! I just love how your Shirt Tail is turning out.