Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beadwork progresses but.... do NOT work on this pattern in poor evening light "thinking" there is an error but not getting up to go to better light and check. The diamond is incorrect beside the blue stitch needle in the photo. It has to be ripped 4-5 rows back. Don't know how it happened as I keep a magnet board with a copy of the chart held down by the magnet bar. As I go line by line, the bar is shifted to show the next line in the pattern. Also use a barrel type row counter but somehow got off between the two. Oh well I guess ripping is part of knitting? but it sure does waste time.

Fairly pleased with the hourglass pattern though it seems to "poof" where the waist of the hourglass comes together. it will probably block out okay. I still like the feel of the Patons Classic Wool. No sign of pilling or fuzziness so far. I'd like to try this is a Starmore Aran that calls for lighter weight. The gauge varies depending on the chart but overall I'm probably getting 6 sts to an inch. The sweater is turning out the size I wanted.


Terri said...

Nice job Anne. I like the stitch definition you are getting.

Rebecca said...

The amazing thing to me is that it looks like such a fine yarn, rather than worsted weight. I really do like this pattern! It is frustrating laddering down but well worth the effort.