Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Pictured is the top of the shoulder on the Marina sweater with sleeve started. I'm not truly happy with how the motif flows down from the body to the sleeve but cannot figure out any other way to pick it up and have an even distribution of stitches. It's a fun sweater to knit and I'm glad to be back with it again. The Christmas sweaters and quilts are all finished and I'm now back to sweaters started on line in "KALs" - knit along groups. Great way to meet knitters from all over the world and share the experience of knitting a more difficult sweater.


junie said...

I like those dark aqua buttons. I have pewter clasps on mine and I think any of the pewters will work well. Marina is so bright that she will out shine any button you use. Very pretty

I use my 3 needles bindoff on everything. Adds strength and it is easy. I like your shoulders.

June said...


Your sweaters are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing them with us :) I so want to start beadwork, but too many irons in the fire right now!