Sunday, December 03, 2006

Two boy sweaters done! As predicted the blue sweater was a bit too big and the red a bit too small but the boys should get some wear out of them this winter. I didn't have the opportunity to measure them so we went on size 2T and 5T. Mr. Blue Sweater is growing quickly so his will be perfect next year or later winter. Mr. Red Sweater might get some of the winter out of it but it won't go wasted. My daughter has lots of friends to pass this along to. Next set of sweaters, I won't go by the generic measurements but make a trip to visit and break out the old tape measure. Kept waiting for security in kids clothing stores to come ask me why I was measuring all their sweaters!

Christmas gifts are all made. Once they are wrapped I'll get back to both sweaters - Beadwork and Marina. Very different knits and I swap off to rest the hands.


Shirley said...

They're a couple of cuties!

Terri said...

How adorable!

Nice job on the sweaters.

monica said...

They are adorable and the sweaters are too.

Anonymous said...

You do beautiful work. I have just looked thru your entire blog. I have figured out I can only do FI if I do it circular but haven't attempted yet!
I drove from Logan to the far east edge of Maine and up north to NB and hten into Quebec. A trip I will never forget-wild and stunningly beautiful. I spent a night in Presque isle.

AnneB said...

Thanks for all the sweater comments. Colin, Maine is one of the most beautiful places on earth. Glad you got to enjoy it.


vanessa said...