Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hemsdale cardigan continues. I'm at row 65 on the body knit in the round. The sleeve steek will start at row 99 so I'm not so far away. I am going to steek this sweater no matter what the Dale pattern says. I just don't like cutting right into the fabric. It's a fun knit, going fast but I like the feel of the J&S jumper weight yarns much better.
The plain grey vertical stripe is the steek for the front of the sweater. Notice the difference in the bottom points of the arcs. The one on the center of the photo is the normal arc. The one of the left side which looks double is the underarm of the sweater side. The only way the charts would line up was to have this double dip. Hubby calls this the "sweater with the swoop-de-dos (arcs) and seagulls". The double arc bottom does look like seagulls. At least the sides match.

Just prior to heading to VA to help with a medical emergency with my mom, we had folded down the treadmill and made a workout daily plan. Of course the belt on the treadmill wouldn't work. Back after 12 days away and it still wouldn't work. Found the ProForm web site and who in Maine might repair the treadmill in our house. Only two numbers listed, one is Aroostock County which was 400 miles away, the second one within 3 miles of our house! Isn't that odd? Called and the man said he could come the same day. The treadmill repair man was a cutie! Probably 75, retired Navy, does repairs to keep himself occupied. Turned out to be a burnt controller part and it was ordered over the net. Joe can put it in when it comes and we'll be back walking again. It is -1F today with a 20-25 mph wind. I'm not walking outside today. I've gained too much of my weight back, just stress eating but that is not an excuse. Talked to mom a lot about eating and drinking well and regular exercise and here I'm not doing it. Better start practicing what I'm preaching.


emmy said...

Your Mom told me that you made it home safely. She is looking good and appears to be doing well:)

I started a simple fair isle hat-very simple. I will send you a picture when it is done.THANK YOU so much for teaching me. I enjoyed meeting you and Joe and hope to see you again sometime when you come to VA.

Your sweater is looking amazing!

AnneB said...

Emmy - will look for you next time we visit mom and see how your fair isle hat is coming. FI is so much fun and glad we had a chance to do two hand color knitting. Don't forget to send me your email so I can send a list of blogs I enjoy.

Rebecca said...

Very lovely, Anne! Keep knitting!

Terri said...

Hi Anne,

Your Hemsdale cardi looks amazing. I must get back to my Dale.

You just reminded me of something. We need to get our treadmill repaired. The last time we turned it on it was stuck on full speed.

Candace said...

This looks great, Anne. Don't know much about Dale--this pattern is lovely.