Monday, March 26, 2007

Steeks are sewn and cut on the Dale of Norway Hemsdale sweater. I kept the neck decreases as live stitches and will pick them up as the front bands and neck are finished. The colors in the photo look muddy. They aren't really but are more rich especially the gold and the red. The sleeves are already knit to about 3/4 of the length needed. I'll three needle bind off the shoulders tonight and then pin the sleeves in to see how much longer I want them. This sweater is more a coat and is quite heavy. It will be welcome next winter or as a gift for someone for Christmas. I'm going to have to go in a quiet room and read the instructions on the front bands. I thought I'd be picking up from the bottom right, up the front, around the neck and back down the other side. Might do it that way any way as the sweater is written for loops and buttons instead of buttonholes and I like the holes better. Do we ever leave sweaters alone to be knit totally as written?

It's been a fun knit and of course it isn't finished yet. Next up is "Erin", an Alice Starmore Fair Isle and to finish up "Shirt Tail Hemmed" cardigan.
P.S. to this post. It's later this evening, the three needle bind off is done on both shoulders. I also picked up stitches up one side front and am actually following the directions. Front bands are done separately, then neckband is picked up including the stitches on top of the neckband. No button holes, will use loops as called for. See!! I can follow directions.


Lorraine said...

Anne- It's a great sweater. There's quite a bit of finishing involved in a Dale.

Terri said...

Hemsdale is so beautiful and colorful. I can't wait to see her with her sleeves on.

Cheryl said...

Wow Anne, it looks beautiful...can't wait to see it totally done.

Sheila said...

You have made amazing progress on your sweater. It is gorgeous. I'll bet the colors are very rich in person.

Bets said...

What a beautiful sweater, it really is a work of art and labor of love, isn't it? :)

junie said...

It is just lovely Anne. Perfect for Maine. Looks my size too. Humm.

You are so fast and so good, I am just jealous. I want speedy fingers in the next life.