Saturday, September 06, 2008

We've had so much fun this summer camping that my knitting is getting WAY WAY behind. Holiday gifts that were once a breeze to finish are now looming much closer.

This is the swatch for a gift for my sister. It's in Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride, being knit top down FLAK style and using many of Annie Maloney's cables from her books "Cable Knitting Handbook" and "Knitters Guide to Stitch Design".

Of course I've changed a few things since the swatch but it is now underway. Someone on one of my knitting groups asked about how I handle large cable charts. I take the books to the photocopier and blow the charts up so these aging eyes can see them better. I used to tape the charts together and put them on a metal cookie sheet with magnets. However Miss Boots the Cat likes to lie down and sleep beside me and she was always in the middle of the cookie sheet. Can't see through a cat! I've now switched to a plastic standup cookbook holder with clamps to hold a piece of cardboard just above the row I'm knitting.

This works well since it is up out of her way and now I can knit in peace.

On a recent trip up to St. Andrews, New Brunswick, I stopped in at Cottage Crafts yarns. Picked up eight skeins on one ply, one each of the colors I liked. It is similar in weight to Jamieson & Smith jumper weight but not as hairy. Will be good for hats and gloves.


Sheila said...

The cable is gorgeous. I really need to get Annie's books. Can't wait to see the sweater in progress.

Thalia said...

Look at those cables! Beautiful. And the yarn is beautiful too. Which colors are they?

junieann said...

Yum! I really like the cables. Very nice. And of course, the Cottage Craft hanks are nice and plump. They look terrific. Great yarn for a reasonable price.

If I ever finish Dux, I will do some colorwork and try some of their fingering. A 'friend' gave me a hank of cream color to try!

All the sweaters I have done in the last year have gone to others except for Chased Silver which needs to be stitched together. Time for some 'me' color knitting.

I absolutely love your Oregon hat!