Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Cottage Craft Black Cherry is not going to work for Shalor. I went to "Sweater Wizard" and got the dimensions for a simple raglan top down that would give a finished chest of 54". Of course I cannot leave anything simple so am seeing if one of Melissa Leapmann's "Continuous Cables" will work on the front and back.

I may have to put this on a long cord and wash it to see if the division between the knits and purls where the chart starts will lay flatter. If not, I'll rip back to there and just do some vertical cables. The purple "Town and Country" sweater is going well. The back is almost done so time to decide on how to do the sleeves - top down or as designed.

Lots and lots of snow lately. Last one was 18" and as you can see, it's getting a bit deep!


Sonya said...

That is such a pretty color. I hope you don't have to rip back. I hope you guys have a snow blower!

sillyewe said...

Your Shalor looks lovely! I am on a cable binge myself these days, too. Isn't it funny how these things come in waves? And that snow!!!! What I would give to have just a third of that. ;0) We are under an ice storm warning today so I suppose that will have to do. LOL