Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Cottage Craft Black Cherry yarn sure is sturdy! It's been ripped and ripped again and again. The top down raglan with the big swinging cable didn't work because it should have been all purl with just the cables instead of a line of purl to start the cable. Didn't look right and never would have. RIPPPPPPP

Restarted Shalor with the Black Cherry and the original patterns. Joe asked where the V shapes were. RIPPPPPPPPPP. Out come Annie Maloney's cable chart books and there were the right shapes. #95 is the cable to the far right. Parts of #71 make up the V shape. The Black Cherry is showing the cables, the gauge feels good on US#5 needles and the sweater is finally a go. This is part of the sleeve which I keep trying up against his arm. Looks big but so far it fits well.


Rachel said...

That's really pretty, Anne! What is the ribbing you're using? I really like that.

Rachel / eightoclock

Rebecca in CO said...

I always love the honeycomb stitch! This is going to be lovely, Anne. I like the color,too.

Sonya said...

Beautiful cables! I love honeycomb too.