Saturday, December 12, 2009

All done but the cardigan kept saying it wanted to be a vest - so it is.

I-cord was knit all the way around the front edges and neck using a US#8 instead of the US#5 the body used. For the neck, stitches were picked up from the I-cord and eight rows of ribbing were knit.

The armhole edges were left in I-cord.

This was a fun project and I learned a lot as always. Wonder what's next?


Anonymous said...

I really like the vest! It looks like it will be great for keeping warm this winter. Looking forward to watching what you knit next.
Esther in Ottawa

Sheila said...

Beautiful job. I really like the i-cord edging.

Diana said...

Love the vest! -cord was a great idea. I did a vest that called for that and it's perfect trim. I can't imagine picking up stitches from it though. I'll have to look into that!