Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I was really loving this cardigan and enjoying working on it. Last night, picked up the right front half and started the under arm decreases. That side is the last piece as the back is done and the left front including the shoulder strap. Looked down and what do I see - cables in the wrong order!!

Let’s see if I can illustrate what I’ve done and if anyone has an idea. First is the right front (double click on the photo to enlarge it).

Then the left front (double click on the photo to enlarge it).

The cable sequence from the front opening should be below. The right side is how I wanted the layout.
2 st braid, 6 st braid, #13, 6 st braid, 2 st braid, 4 st braid, cable #89, 4 st braid, #13

The left side sequence is messed up probably because I didn’t have the chart written out in reverse.
6 st braid, 2 st braid, #13, 2 st braid, 6 st braid, 4 st braid, cable #89, 4 st braid, #13

I reversed the left side 2 stitch and 6 stitch and they aren’t even symmetrical! The back is how I wanted.

So….. just finish it as a vest? Rip it and start over bottom up? Rip it and knit top down ala FLAK? Relax and have a nice single malt ? or two?

Would another cable knitter notice this? These photos are early on. I’ve since finished the left side totally including the shoulder strap. The right side is picked up and decreases done. This is what I get for pretending to put my own sweaters together - but it is fun.


Anita in SE IN said...


I would just drop the 2 misplaced cables and knit back up properly. It may look a little ragged until it is blocked but it is certainly better than ripping the whole sweater front.

StephCat said...

or embrace asymmetry...

Anonymous said...

1. I think only another knitter would notice and then only when examining closely to admire your handiwork and design skills.
2. Wearing the cardigan unbuttoned would move the offending cables farther away from their counterparts.
3. Carry a shoulder bag with a wide strap or drape a shawl over your left shoulder.
4. Single malt ALWAYS helps on these occasions.