Sunday, January 20, 2008

All ready to start the Oregon Autumn KAL on February 1st. Helen, our
knit along mom, asked us how we got ready for a project. I keep all my
projects in separate canvas boxes or canvas bags. We have a shop in
New England called the Christmas Tree Shop and I often can find fabric
boxes with Velcro straps to hold them closed. They are great size for
both yarn storage and projects.

For Oregon, I have all the Virtual Yarns yarn in the box with one
skein of each color wound into center pull balls. I've separated out
the colors that go into the corrugated ribbing into bags with pattern
colors in one and background in the other. That might help keep them
in good order. My little tool box has a pair of sharp scissors, a
blunt tapestry needle, couple of yards of white yarn to use as section
holders, tape measure, couple of barrel row counters, two small
crochet hooks, safety pins to capture a stitch that might have been
dropped and I didn't notice it, two boxes of markers in various sizes
and a stitch gauge. I also put the circular needles I think I'll need
in the box. Right now I have 40" size 2.75, 3.0 and 3.25 in there as I
haven't swatched yet. I generally don't make the ribbing on a smaller
needle but use the body needle.

I have both the VY Oregon Autumn pattern and the Vogue Holiday
pattern. I've made copies of both with color copies of the sweater
photo. The copies are used for notes and to mark as I knit along. When
the sweater is done, I'll store the copy with the original pattern. I
never thought about keeping a few yards of the yarns used with the
pattern for repairs. I do keep the ball bands so I know what I've used

My box is all set up and staring at me from a nearby table. So far
I've resisted starting. Should I assume that swatching is starting?
Hmmmmm.... maybe that is exempt?


Terry & Jonesy said...

I vote that swatches are exempt. After all, I usually let them hang around the boat and mellow after wet blocking for a few days before I decide if the gauge does/does not work. That can't possibly count as knitting time!

Terry SailingKnitter

Carrie K said...

Of course swatching is exempt! It's like.....trailers for movies. A preview, not the main attraction.

And speaking of attraction, your Celtic knot pillow is gorgeous and I have two more books to add to my library.

Rebecca said...

I love your Celtic Knot pillow top and can't wait to see it finished! I will have to add Annie Maloney's books to my wish list.

Have fun on your Oregon sweater!