Thursday, January 10, 2008

For once I listened to a book author and did what she said. I bought "Knit One, Felt Too" by Kathleen Taylor. I got it as a way to use up some of the yarn stash in the house in a good way. Thinking ahead of gifts through the coming year where I'm on the "2008 Use Up Stash" diet. Kathleen had emphasized swatching each yarn and then felting the swatch to see what happens. I figured that 100% wool would always felt right? NOT! I have 8-10 balls of an old Maine wool called Christopher Farms and wanted to make multicolored felted bags.

This sample shows that not all wool will felt. The sample done on #10-1/2 needles measured 7-1/2" tall by 6-1/4" wide prior to felting. The sample went into a mesh bag and through two hot wash cycles along with two loads of laundry - not going to waste that hot water! Swatch was then soaked in hot water and hand agitated for a bit more. It now measures 6-1/4" tall and a variety of widths depending on the color. Brown is 5-3/4", brick is 5-7/8" and the beige is 6-1/2" actually wider than it started. Christopher Farms went back in the stash and another yarn will be swatched and washed. I don't want to break up the number of skeins that are enough for a sweater where there probably is a good felting wool. Onward!


Anonymous said...

Very interesting .... I'll add this to my mental stash.

trainlady said...

Congratulations on being wise enough not to knit an entire bag and then finding out it wouldn't felt. I'm not sure I would be so wise.