Sunday, February 03, 2008

Oregon Autumn KAL has started and I've got the corrugated ribbing done and the divisions for Chart A set up. The colors show a lot more muted than the Vogue photo or the original VY pattern but they are so beautiful. As usual, the color progression as set up by Alice Starmore just leads you along as you knit.

The second sleeve of Fulmar keeps growing. Arans on US#2 grow slowly.

When I get tired of larger projects, I've been making a second pair of Selbuvotter mittens. This is pair NHM #8 and is being made in Cottage Craft one ply white and Harrisville jumper weight.


Terry & Jonesy said...

The Oregon ribbing is beautiful! How can you stand to work on anything else when you have this baby to knit?

junie said...

Dear Anne:

Make sure it fits. That kit was the Large kit. There should be enough yarn to do the pattern in large as written.

I might worry about doing a crew neck. The V neck takes less yarn - but then, there is the ribbing? However, each color is weighed out by the gram.

I always buy Large kits and then knit the medium size because I am never sure how much yarn is in those kits. I will say that the kit you have was purchased before people started having problems with running out of kit yarn. I am just overly cautious.

If you are knitting the medium size, you should have plenty of yarn. If you are doing the large, you should have plenty of yarn if you knit it as written.


June said...

Your Oregon and Selbuvotter's are gorgeous, good luck with the change on the Oregon!