Friday, February 01, 2008

Back from a week in VA visiting family. Knitted on Fulmar both ways from ME to VA so got a bit more done on the second sleeve. It's probably at a third done and still a fun knit. The red is such a beautiful color and the Wendy Guernsey is going to wear like iron.

Today I'm going through all my stranded knitting books looking at projects that I truly want to make. Jamieson & Smith is discontinuing some of their colors as they are slow sellers. I'll see what is used in those sweaters I want to make and place an order.

The Oregon Autumn KAL started today and I'm already swatching for size. Both of the finished Starmore Fair Isles, Erin and Marina, were made with J&S and ended up at 7 stitches to 4" after being washed and blocked. Oregon will be my first Virtual Yarns sweater and it just feels heavier to my hand. Swatching we will go since today is going to be snow/sleet/rain/yuck.

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junie said...

Great going getting the exact gauge for Oregon first time. I am anxious to see the start. I am going to finish the cable thing before I start my green one.

I am resisting all yarn buying for 2008. I did fall prey to another hank of yarn for the Cursed Klein Cable pullover which I am beginning to hate. You did a great picture of the yarn colors.

I have enough projects stashed. I have Cold Duck, Lusky from the SC stashed and decided to let J&S alone this time. So, hopefully, you'll joined me in getting some of thoseknitted up. I used all J&S for them.

You know, I feel a little panic attack everytime I think about the discontinued yarns. I try not to, but I do. Probably should have tried to get some of them. :(