Friday, February 22, 2008

The Oregon Autumn sweater is coming along so well. The yarn is a joy to work with and the colors just glow. These are pretty difficult colors to photograph well. I like steeks that might be a cople of stitches wider than most but I do crocheted steeks and like them this way. Still haven't decided whether to keep it as a V neck as designed or go to a crew neck which I'm sure I'll wear more.

Yesterday we drove up to Halcyon Yarns and bought two 900 yard cones of Harrisville Shetland in off white. I have a great collection of Jamieson & Smith jumper wool in color but nothing in light. Today I skeined off the yardage and washed it to make it bloom. The coned wool is not pre-washed. The skeins are now on the wooly board drying. They bloomed and now look like J&S weight. My "Knit from Stash yarn diet" obviously didn't last long!


Laritza said...

Very pretty yarn.

junie said...

You rascal. I am still knitting from stash - well almost! I cheated just a little but I am not telling. Books don't count.

Great addition. I think I am going to use the crew neck when I get going on the Oregon. I am still fighting baby cables. Ugh.

Kathleen Taylor said...

I love the Oregon sweater, and yours looks fantastic!(I have yet to cast mine on, but it's up as soon as I can tackle a large non-work project).

Jo at Celtic Memory Yarns said...

One of my absolute favourite occupations is buying a new cone of yarn (or a forgotten one languishing at the back of a factory shelf), skeining it up, and then washing it gently. It's wonderful to see how it responds, plumps up, reveals its true self.
Currently trying to bleach linen yarn to something approaching white rather than yellow. Have fun (and let me have the coordinates for Halcyon Yarns when I'm next in your neck of the woods).