Friday, January 05, 2007

Beadwork continues - 12" done in the round. This is a hard sweater to photo and have the stitches show up. The yarn is a soft grey Patons Classic Wool and the gauge is averaging 6 sts = 1" on US #4. Gauge varies per chart pattern from 5 in the diamonds to 6 in the hourglass to 7 in the small cable. Overall I've got 6 so the sweater will come out to the size I planned. THIS time I'm going to be very careful of the length from rib to underarm and get it long enough. It's at 12" now and I'm aiming for 14" and then put it on two circulars and try it on. The sweater book and pattern library is fairly extensive in this house and I've leafed through most of them in the past few days looking at dropped vs set in sleeve designs. Finally decided to ???? - well will see when I get there. I like Jade Starmore's original dropped sleeve design with the small cable run up the sleeve and over the shoulder. Just not sure I need one more dropped shoulder sweater. Since I've already made her design into a pullover instead of a cardigan, what's one more change?

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junieann said...

Dear Anne:

Beadwork is really beautiful and it is going to come in handy in the cold weather. It has hovered around 43 here all day, with 98% humidity. Made it feel like 29 in the house. Brrr! I gets down to 37 at night. Hey, I bought some flannel PJ's to fight cold weather today.

I am such a pansy.