Saturday, January 13, 2007

Yarns arrived today from Kirtland's Yarn Barn. I didn't expect them until at least next Tuesday. Pat certainly does give quick service and the grey/blue she suggested for the star pattern works much better than what I originally thought I wanted. Pretty sure I'm going to use the line up of colors to the left but have a brighter red and brighter gold if I need to switch. Fun to shop in your own stash and only need a few fill in colors. Miss Boots, the cat, helped with the selection. She has become a much more companionable cat since Patter isn't here anymore. It is very difficult to type or knit when she wants her lap space.

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emmy said...

Hi Anne
As you can see I am reading backwards in your blog. Your knitting is amzing!I did want to comment here and let you know that Kirtland's Yarn Barn is just about an hour and a half from where you are right now. I grew up just a few miles from where she is located. Let me know if you want directions. There is a nice State Park nearby as well.

I am looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.
Mary Lou