Thursday, January 25, 2007

The colors being considered for "Erin" out of "The Celtic Collection" are shown in the photos. Double click on each photo to see the color tag beside each yarn. The original Rowan colors and types are long gone and rarely available even on Ebay. I'm trying to substitute like colors from my stash of Jamieson and Smith 2 ply jumper weight, trying to recreate the feel of the original, not duplicate it. I'll use J&S 28 for both J and O and a Jamieson 524 for the G chenille. Since this sweater is about third in line, these might change but look pretty good right now.

A Juniper J&S FC41
B Madder Red J&S 9113
C Rust J&S FC72
D Terra cotta J&S FC8
E Sienna J&S 32
F Roseberry J&S FC55
G Flamenco Chenille Jamieson Poppy 524
H Cinnamon J&S FC60
I Red Violet J&S 72
J Old Gold J&S 28
K Lacquer Chenille J&S 129
L Jade J&S 71
M Light. Jade J&S 48
N Blue Mist J&S 75
O Ochre Chenille J&S 28
Time will tell if this looks good knit up. I'm sure I'll do a bit of swatching for color.


Sheila said...

Are the yarn grouped to be knit? If so then the 3rd group has the best contrast. The terra cotta and Sienna are beautiful colors but might be too close in value to show the difference on a Fair Isle sweater. It will be fun to see the combination you choose and the sweater as you knit it.

AnneB said...

Sheila - Thanks. Actually the sun washed out the colors somewhat. Fortunately there is enough contrast without being black/white values.

junie said...

I think that your colors are a great beginning for Erin. When you start swatching the motifs, you will be able to tell what works best. Anne from SheEweKnits just finished Erin from Jamiesons yarn. It turned out well. I think she has a picture of it on her blog or website.

I did about 5 swatches for Erin 5 or 6 years ago. I think the hardest was the peeries sections. I couldn't get it right.I was trying to match colors from the picture in the book. I should have just picked contrasting but complimentary colors for those peeries.

Why not start an Erin KAL? I would join! (ducking the bricks coming my way)!

Lorri said...

The colors look beautiful next to each other. I can't wait to see how they look swatched. I am also envying your Russian Prime. I has been so cold lately that I have been wearing out my heavy sweaters. Happy knitting!