Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Chart A of "Erin" shown. I'm much happier with the slate blue background color than the teal blue originally chosen. This is a simple knit so far. Most of the Fair Isle work done to date had color changes about every two rows. This one is every 8-10 rows so a lot less spit splicing. There is probably too much contrast in the bottom red to the rust but I like the colors so will continue.


Anonymous said...

I love the colours you picked. They are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing !

Holly said...

It is beautiful, and the darker blue is definitely a nice contrast.
I like the red, and from a distance it looks grand.

Shirley said...

Those colors are much better. Love the orange!

Shirley said...

These colors are great. Love the orange!

junieann said...

Dear Anne:

I really like your colors. I think they are an improvement over the original, which is IMHO, a bit too red looking for me. This is just wonderful. Remember to save your colors (g)

Great job. Just beautiful.