Sunday, April 15, 2007

Erin progresses and probably will a lot more over the next two days if this huge Nor'easter storm is anything like it is predicted to be. All the storm supplies like candles, Coleman Lanterns, flush water buckets, generator etc. are all tested and ready. If we are lucky the storm will blow past us and out to sea. If we aren't lucky, we'll get slammed with 4-8" of snow with heavy rain on top of it. At least most of the ice is out of the rivers and streams so flooding might not be a problem. We live by a very pretty babbling brook but it would have to come up 12-15' to get anywhere near the house. Roof is clear of snow so no ice dam problems with edge of roof leaks.

I like the colors I'm using for Erin. Major blind trust to use the turquoise colors as they looked so bright in the skeins but they are really pretty knit up. Finally can see the mythical beast in the FI pattern. It is hard to spot on the chart but fairly easy to see in the colored knitting. I'll finish Chart C and then knit 2" on the Shirt Tail Hemmed Cardigan. Alternating is the only way to make myself finish the Shirt Tail Sleeves. I'm also actually reading the manual for the Stitch Motif software and will be working on charting out my own Aran design. I'd like an Aran in one color to knit while RVing this spring and summer - if those seasons ever show up!


Libby said...

Beautiful work. Your Erin is gorgeous.

junieann said...

Gorgeous. Your creatures show up so beautifully. So do the peeries. I love it. What a wonderful job you are doing.

Marina said...

OOo, I bribe myself too ;-)

It's gorgeous, Anne! I'll need to look up the colours you used.

Dagny said...

Oooo, the turquoise works just perfectly!! Who would have thought.

Hope you're dry over your way - The river out back of the shop is flooded, but still 4 inches from flooding the basement here.

And just think, when the rain and snow finally stop... Mud Season will be here!

Sheila said...

The color combination you chose is gorgeous. I love Fair Isle knitting. The colors seem to dance and it is fun to knit. Hop eyou made it through the Noreaster ok.

Terri said...

Yesterday I visited a couple of homes that toppled into the ocean on Nantucket during the Nor'easter. It's a shocking sight.

Erin is really coming along. Keep up the good work and enjoy the beautiful weather.