Thursday, April 05, 2007

The joys of Maine in the spring!! Just when the iris start coming up on the south side of the house, we get a foot of snow. It's April 5th and we get a FOOT of heavy wet snow. Good day to stay in and knit.

Erin's ribbing is much better the second time around. Switched to a US #2 circular and also using a cinammon type brown that was a little bit warmer. Sure am hoping I like the main background color better this time.


junieann said...

This is my second try. I had a post all done and didn't hit the right button. was gone.

What I said was I love your Dale. The work is really terrific Anne. You are good - and fast. Dynamite combonation.

I see your Erin. One of my Favorite, mysterious Celtic designs of Alice. Brilliant design. I think you have all the right colors. Love Erin.

Love color. I used to do Fair Isle only. I have only done 2 these last years. Bad. I am going to make this year a Fair Isle and Lace year.


Dipsy said...

Oh gosh, what an amount of snow you got! Our forecast for Easter promises summerlike weather, and I'll be more than happy to send a couple sunrays over to you!
I really love how your Erin's ribbing looks - this is going to be such a beautiful piece of knitting!