Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Home stretch with Erin - sleeves get smaller each round, especially since I have short arms. I figure I'll end with the mythical beast chart round and a bit of corrugated ribbing. Then add the buttons and done.

Finished organizing and cataloging the yarn stash. This is some of it and yes I said some. Sort of an addiction isn't it?


junie said...

Gosh, Erin is lovely. I would love that sweater in my house, on that wooly board in my house! (I'm not jealous of course).

I am especially not jealous of the great stash organization. I enjoy not being able to get the door of my closet open. It is really great to finally get the door open and have a bag of 10 balls drop on your head, roll all over the floor - usually creating an avalanche of yarn balls plummeting to the floor. Then the clean up takes forever. Remember Fibber Magee's closet?

Of course I am not envious of your organizational abilities. I am in plan AWE of it

Laritza said...

The Erin is lovely! The color in it!
and the stash......I admire both the amount AND the organization. My stash is 80% (or more) white or ecru....the rest is red or black.....dunno what happened exactly, just the way it is!

Sheila said...

Erin is looking very good. I just got Celtic Knits last week. I love that book.

Knitman said...

Erin looks beautiful.