Friday, August 17, 2007

I love living in Maine. We're close to the coast and love taking drives down tiny back roads and visiting much loved places and sights. A long peninsula stretches out south of Brunswick, Maine. At the end of one finger are the tiny fishing communities of Orr's and Bailey Islands. The very end is appropriately called "Land's End" and is one of my most favorite places in Maine. Gorgeous day, few tourists around, just sat on the rocks and soaked up the sun, sounds of the sea and calls of the birds. It is equally as beautiful in dead of winter - with no tourists! The statue amongst the regosa sea roses is of a lobsterman pegging a lobster's claws. It is a tribute to those who make their living from the sea - and those who have lost their lives there.


junie said...

Dear Anne: The pictures are brilliant. I know how you feel living on the coast. I love this coast too. I would love to see the East coast and especially Maine.

I love the Lobsterman statue.

Terri said...

Some say the areas you describe in Maine are what Nantucket used to be like before all the money come and the trophy homes were built. I'll bet it is truly beautiful.

Knitman said...

Yes Maine is gorgeous. I did a road trip and spent much time in Maine back in 97. I stayed in two places there, one was Presque Isle.